Things we've done

From web and mobile applications to back-office tools and cloud hosting - Bad Dinosaur has got you covered. We've worked with companies ranging in size from one person up to thousands, and created our own products too. Just take a peek at some of our past clients and projects.

Advanced Engagement

MVP of Advanced Engagement's security awareness training app.

We built the first working MVP of their security awareness training app in just three weeks. We also manage all of their ongoing infrastructure needs, including app hosting, storage and notifications - all fully scaleable, secure and in the cloud.

Cheetah Advanced Technologies

A tool to manage a world leading speed camera location database

Cheetah had a unique, high quality collection of data, but no easy way to manage it...

Evolution Dome

Award-winning inflatable structures to hire or buy.

We endlessly improved Evolution Dome's web presence, providing a professional and functional global online image...


Total Connect Comfort web application development, outsourced from Screenmedia.

Screenmedia's client, Honeywell, was needing web and mobile applications for their new Total Connect Comfort products and they called on us to work with them on the project - from web and mobile development roles, to being a scrum master for their development team, we loved working on such an exciting and global product.

Mackenzie School of English

Group booking, CRM, administrative and invoicing software.

We changed the way Mackenzie School works by building a bespoke piece of software for running their core business - from booking management all the way through to invoicing their clients, and all the efficiencies inbetween.

Munch Together

A way for all cultures, communities and families to eat home-made food together around the world.

We built Munch Together's web and mobile applications, taking bookings and payments from people around the world. We also manage all of their ongoing infrastructure needs.

NHS Education for Scotland

Azure storage data importing and processing tool for Tableau, outsourced from NUMBERTELLING.

NUMBERTELLING passed on some work to us for NHS Education for Scotland - to assist with a data importing tool to clean and store data extracts in SQL Azure. This was then all hooked up to Tableau and using their data visualisation magic hands, they made some beautiful dashboards.

Phoebus Software

Prototype mortgage application tool for brokers and underwriters - with a quick turnaround.

Phoebus approached us to do some rapid prototyping for a mortgage application tool but they needed it to be a 'mostly' working version of what the final product would achieve... and turn it around in just 5 days. We took the challenge on and the result was a hugely impressed client.

Primary Engineer

Engaging primary and secondary school students in STEM.

Primary Engineers's aim is to provide a platform within schools through which all children can reach their potential. Teacher training courses, skills, competencies, project based learning, competitions and exhibitions all help to ensure deep learning and career awareness...


MVP of Skillstep's online mentoring and talent retention app.

We build the first working MVP of their online mentoring app in just three weeks. Skillstep approached us with wireframes and a great idea for an app that could change large business for ever, and we delivered the MVP that set them on that path.

University of St Andrews

Tutor appointment booking and management system for their Academic Development department.

We worked closely with University of St Andrews' CAPOD department to build a system that manages their internal undergraduate tuition appointments with postgraduate tutors. The application has revolutionized the way they work and provided huge administration savings.