Award-winning inflatable structures to hire or buy.

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Based in the Australia, Belgium and the UK, Evolution Dome provide a huge range of inflatable structures to hire or buy. The company has a stellar reputation among some of the world's biggest event organisers.

As the business had grown, so had their website. The Wordpress based website was slow and unresponsive, was not mobile friendly and did not accurately represent the quality of their brand.

The website also needed an easy-to-use content managment system for Evolution Dome to continiously update the pages with organic and targeted content.

Russ Peterson from Bad Dinosaur
"The Evolution Dome website suffered from typical CMS bloat - installing various Wordpress plugins to add more functionality seemed like the right idea at the time. But at some point, page sizes and loading times will suffer, and you just have to admit that you need a bespoke solution."
Russ Peterson, Bad Dinosaur

Working closely with Evolution Dome, we created a bespoke solution for their web presence. Using their existing branding guidelines, we developed a clean and functional interface for visitors to easily navigate around their huge offering.

Behind the scenes, we took page load times from a lumbering average of 15 seconds down to under one second for most pages. We also engineered the website to be mobile friendly using responsive design.

Bad Dinosaur designed the responsive website behind Fitbizzle

The new website is built upon a simple but powerful CMS with an easy learning curve. This enables Evolution Dome to easily edit their website's content, helping them to stay up to date and relevant within search rankings.

Evolution Dome also required some unique changes to the CMS and website in order to improve their SEO in a very competitive market. Working closely with an SEO specialist, we made the required changes to boost their website's search rankings.


We continue to work alongside Evolution Dome as their business changes and grows, helping them to engage with their desired audience and improve their conversion rates. We're also helping to roll out the new website to existing and new branches of their company around the world.

We're happy to have endlessly improved their web presence, providing Evolution Dome with a professional and functional online image around the world.

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