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Total Connect Comfort web and mobile app development

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Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort project was one of the first internet connected heating systems in the world. Honeywell reached out to Screenmedia, a spectacular award winning digital agency based in Glasgow, who in turn contacted Kyle from Bad Dinosaur to help build the mobile and web applications required by Honeywell.

Kyle from Bad Dinosaur
This was one of our first pieces of work when we started out in 2013. Screenmedia were looking for web developers to work on this new project and what looked like something that would only go on for a few months ended up being a partnership that ran over the years to come.
Kyle Whittington, Bad Dinosaur

The Total Connect Comfort web application was an interface that Honeywell customers would use to link up their heating system to the Total Connect Comfort mobile app. The project involved a wide range of technologies including ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, Web API and Xamarin for mobile development. The main web development project spanned over two years, throughout which we were called in for each new iteration of the ongoing product lifecycles.

When the web application development slowed, Kyle moved into a scrum master role for their mobile app development team over the course of a few months. It was a great chance to experience Xamarin mobile app development right at the coal face and be able to learn about and understand the problems that teams face using these exciting new technologies.

Further down the track, Screenmedia outsourced part of another exciting Honeywell project - which was to build a new pilot web application that heating engineers and contractors could use to monitor and diagnose customers heating systems. This pilot project entailed interacting with the existing heating system data but presenting it in a way that heating engineers would be able to use it to diagnose problems with heating systems, often before the customer is even aware of it.

Presenting complicated and large amounts of timeline oriented data was a great challenge but we were happy with the end result, where engineers could move backwards through time, filtering different parameters to enable them to get a clear picture of heating system's historical data points.

We're still in touch with Screenmedia to this day, and we highly recommend them for their incredible design and development work - they are definitely one of our major role models.