A tool to manage a world leading speed camera location database.

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Since the early 2000s, Cheetah Advanced Technologies has developed a line of award-winning products aimed at increasing road safety. The projects are available world-wide, and are powered by a huge database of red-light cameras, school zones, speed cameras, accident blackspots and other dangerous road locations.

Cheetah had a unique, high quality collection of data, but no easy way to manage it. When Cheetah approached us, they were dealing with a database of over quarter of a million locations world-wide. It was clear to the Cheetah team that they needed a better way to manage such a vast amount of data.

Russ Peterson from Bad Dinosaur
"We helped Stuart to understand the value of the data that he was managing - and why resilience, integrity and security of the data was paramount."
Russ Peterson, Bad Dinosaur

We held a series of product design workshops to understand exactly what data was being stored, and how Stuart and the team currently manipulate the data. Through the workshops, we decided that the interface should be map based, and it was clear that speed was a big factor - it was taking the team far too long to add new locations, and the process had to be as slick as possible.

A slick process meant we needed to design a slick interface and get it infront of Stuart and the team as fast as possible. We showed Cheetah a working prototype from the first week of development, and immediately gained feedback and insight into how we could iterate on it to improve.

Throughout the MVP process, the Cheetah team came in each week for a status update, and after a few weeks we gave them their own version of the software to try out. This helped us to fine tune the interface in the final stages of the project, as well as iron out any UX issues and bugs.

Stuart Smith from SpeedCheetah
"Bad Dinosaur were responsive to our needs. Kyle and Russ were quick to respond and come up with ideas and suggestions for finding the smoothest path through our project at the least cost and time."
Stuart Smith, Director

We delivered the MVP on time and on budget, and proved once again that a loose, creative approach to developing products is the best way.

The Cheetah data managment web application and its global database is deployed to our managed cloud hosting platform, meaning that Stuart doesn't need to worry about the infrastructure behind his product. We take care of the monitoring, security and scaling of the application - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Following on from the MVP, we're working with the Cheetah team to improve the interface based on their feedback from the first few weeks of using it. We're also currently holding product design sessions to workshop new products that Stuart and the team want to launch in 2018.