One Dot All

An online portal with the specific objective of helping children to develop skills, mindsets and competences related to engineering and the wider world of work.


The challenge

One Dot All is a nationally acclaimed STEM educational programme that broadens the aspirations and ambitions of children by providing them with unique engineering classes and hands-on engineering experience with industry professionals.

As any teacher will be quick to tell you, the process of learning lasts a lifetime, and on the back of the success of the Institution of Primary Engineers and Institution of Secondary Engineers, in 2020 Susan Scurlock MBE (CEO and Founder) and her team are launching the Institution of Tertiary Engineers in order to help students on the road to professional and industry success.

Existing problem

One of the issues with expansion and growth of a project such as One Dot All is that managing and integrating such a vast amount of data and information can be overwhelming.

Proposed solution

Create a platform allowing users (teachers) to report and record data from each of their projects, providing all students with documented evidence of their achievements.

Workshop sessions

A major difficulty for the ODA team was capturing good data that can help teachers and students track their progress on projects. Through the initial project workshops, it was established that the main objective was to develop a platform that would enable the team to manage and utilise data, allowing both ODA and teachers to follow the progress and results of projects, seeing areas of learning where students have improved and the impact that these projects have on students.


The first version of One Dot All was built within eight weeks and eventually expanded to include an array of student focused features. These allow teachers to carefully monitor student progress and record achievements within the three institutions (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary).

As of Autumn 2019 the One Dot All online portal has undergone beta testing in 50 schools. The current platform allows the institutions to work with teachers in order to monitor the different projects they participate in and to keep track of the various skillsets being delivered.

The software also allows teachers and students to individually track their own progress towards institution Chartership and Fellowship. This form of student-focused data tracking will provide students with the evidence to demonstrate their skillsets and accomplishments, expanding their options for further education and employment in the future.

The future

Currently, One Dot All has opened for its first major project with a sign-up deadline projected for May 2020. And the goal is to have as many schools as possible registering from across the country, so that all students might be given the opportunity to expand their horizons.

Similarly, in the three years since Bad Dinosaur first began working with Primary Engineer, we have grown by leaps and bounds, and in no small part to many of the experiences we learned from working alongside our first clients.