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We don't just build things for other people. We also build some awesome things for ourselves. Take a look over a few of our products and services we have out there in the world.

Fitbizzle - Bad Dinosaur


Simple fitness and gym studio management software.

Saves time that is usually spent on admin tasks like availability checking, handling bookings and cancellations. Sell sessions or courses, bundles of credits, or just one-off drop-ins, on your own easy to use and branded online shop. Keep it simple...

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TweetLiker - Bad Dinosaur


Twitter growth hacking tool.

A growth-hacking tool that helps businesses and individual Twitter users target potential customers. The tool gathers tweets matching your search terms and allows you to take bulk actions with them, such as liking the tweet or following the user...

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Tutlings for Universities - Bad Dinosaur

Tutlings for Universities

Easy to use and flexible tuition appointment booking system.

A cost-saving booking system for institutions that offer one-to-one and group tuition appointments to their students. We save you money and resource by reducing the amount of time required by staff to deal with the logistics involved in arranging...

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Farming Simulator UK - Bad Dinosaur

Farming Simulator UK

I've got a combine harvester, and I'll give you the keyboard.

Since 2009, we've run the largest English-speaking fansite for the hit game Farming Simulator. We provide a platform for creators to share their user-generated content without limits or restrictions, as well as a friendly community to help with everything from starting out playing the game, to complicated scripting questions...

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Concrete And Steel - Bad Dinosaur

Concrete And Steel

Sandbox 3d environment for people who like to just build.

Whilst looking for a decent sandbox 3d game to play, we noticed there was a bit of a gap in the market. Either sandbox games were too childish, or involved too much pvp/combat. "What about those people who just want to build?", we asked.

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