Concrete And Steel

Sandbox 3d environment for people who like to just build.

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Concrete And Steel is a 3D sandbox for creative people to build structures using a huge range of objects and materials. Experience unlimited creativty with huge environments, rich customisation, co-operative multiplayer, modding support and more!

Concrete and Steel is a video game on Steam Early Access and Greenlight - by Bad Dinosaur

We've created a set of powerful tools to help you build your next creation. Create free-form blocks, spawn props, paint stuff, and then wire it all together to make your structures come to life.

Collaborative multiplayer

No need to build alone - take your sandbox online with multiplayer to build with friends. Server admins get powerful tools such as password protected building, or entirely private servers.


Want to take it a step further? Create and share custom objects and paints with our Modding SDK, which integrates with freely available and cross platform software to empower you to put your ideas and dreams into the Concrete And Steel creative environment. Mods are supported in multiplayer, too!

What will you build?

This game is perfect for creative build geeks. It's for the players who enjoy the experience of creating their own world, and players who love the satisfaction of standing back and admiring their creation.

Concrete And Steel is currently in Early Access on Steam. We're busy developing more features and improvements to the game and we anticipate a new version of the game to be released in 2018.

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