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Easy to use and flexible tuition appointment booking system

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Haelo Consulting UI

A cost-saving booking system for institutions that offer one-to-one and group tuition appointments to their students. We save you money and resource by reducing the amount of time required by staff to deal with the logistics involved in arranging appointments within your institution.

Kyle Whittington from Bad Dinosaur
We developed a unique algorithm in Tutlings for matching tutors with students based on skill levels of various subjects. This means students are always paired with the right tutors for each topic that they need help with.

Kyle Whittington, Developer

Fewer no shows

Less no shows due to the friendly email and text reminders of upcoming appointments for both the student and tutor. Enjoy a massive reduction in dead time that costs you money.

Reduced staff costs

Student's choose available appointments online and tutors confirm their availability with a single click, saving them (and your staff) the time and hassle associated with phone calls and emails.

Extensive reporting

Easily identify hotspots in appointment requests. Reporting that will satisfy any business requirement - and if it doesn't, we'll build you the report for FREE.

Eilidh Harris from University of St Andrews
Using this tool dramatically reduced staff time dealing with the logistics of our department's tuition offering. Our no show count saw a huge reduction and the extensive reporting features have allowed us to identify hotspot areas where students are needing the most help.

Eilidh Harris, University of St Andrews

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