Twitter growth hacking tool.

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Bad Dinosaur created the Tweetliker website

500 million tweets are sent every day. We find the ones that are relevant to you & help you start the conversation.

Target potential customers

It's not just shooting fish in a barrel. We're all about accurate targeting which means we allow you to specify highly configurable criteria to most accurately match your target customer. Smaller barrel, more fish.

Gather matching tweets

We're not into spam, and we're not into making Twitter a less interesting place to be. That's why we can gather up all the tweets matching your strict rules over time and then you get the final say on which leads you'd like to pursue.

Grow your following

The more accurately you target your Twitter search queries, the higher the chance of gaining interest in your product or service. Keep close tabs on the performance of each search query and you'll see your numbers going up in no time.

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