Innovation as a Service

“Russ and Kyle feel very much like a part of the team. They don't just produce what you ask for, but instead help shape it and contribute their own ideas so it is better than first imagined.”

Jen Scurlock, Primary Engineer

What's the problem?

As companies grow, sometimes innovation is lost in the firefight. The bigger the project or team is, the slower things move. It can be really difficult to innovate and try new things when you're already running at maximum capacity.

We also know there's such a thing as tunnel vision - it's easy to become complacent and miss opportunities when the same teams see the same product every day.


We've been helping both start-ups and established companies innovate for years - typically in scenarios where time and budget are limited, and the client's motivation to explore new ideas has been tainted by poor results in the past.

One of the ways we can help your business is by providing creative workshop sessions. We tear down the barriers between idea generation and development by employing techniques and approaches which enable us to iterate fast.

Kyle and Russ working on a whiteboard - Bad Dinosaur

Rapid prototyping with MVPs

Outsourcing at the early stages of an idea or proposition adds capacity to your business by allowing you to focus on both established projects and trying new ideas at the same time.

If you're pursuing a new client or lead, there's no better way to show off potential new offerings than with a minimum viable product, or MVP for short. You'll be amazed at just how fast we can create something for you to put infront of your clients, investors or even straight into a pilot launch.

Pricing & packages

We have a number of MVP, prototype and workshop packages available to suit your needs, starting from as little as £6,000+VAT for a three week MVP.

We also offer day-rate development and managed hosting services. We can work on a one-off, ad-hoc or retainer basis.


There's a whole heap of funding and relief available to help businesses to grow and try new things. We're happy to work with you to get the paperwork right.

Let's get started

So, ready to change the world? Great! The first step is to make contact - pop some details over to us here or send an email to [email protected].