Do you want to grow your business and brand without breaking the bank? Bad Dinosaur can help you with that! In our effort to offer a full service to everyone who wants to work in the digital/tech sector, we now offer marketing support alongside our other services. We love working with passionate, entrepreneurial types and helping them make their dreams a reality. We also understand that entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t have a great deal of cash to throw around, which is why we offer highly flexible and affordable marketing support tailored to fit your needs.

Sound good? Check out our different marketing services and pricing below, and if you’d like a FREE 30-minute consultation with us, either in person or over the phone, to discuss your best options, get in touch by emailing us at [email protected].

Our Standard Packages:

The Social Butterfly

This is for you if: you want to create an image for your business and start authentic conversations with your clients, both existing and potential ones.

The Social Butterfly package includes:

  • Social media strategy to create a content calendar and establish your voice.
  • Ongoing social media management across 2-3 platforms.
  • Bi-weekly blog posts to offer quality content for your social media.

Set-up costs: £50+VAT

On-going costs: £250+VAT/month

The Advertiser

This is for you if: You want to make more people aware of the pain point that your business seeks to solve, and reach your potential clients when they are searching for a business like yours.

The Advertiser package includes:

  • Strategy package.
  • Setting up two campaigns on the same platform and managing them.
  • 500 word white paper or blog post add-on to offer value to your clients in your advertising campaigns.

Set-up costs: £225+VAT

On-going costs: £175+VAT/month

Our Marketing Services:


We can help you discover the best plan of action for your marketing, from client avatar creation to competitor analysis and beyond. Together we will discuss your goals and the best ways to reach them through our marketing services. Having a plan is half the battle, and at Bad Dinosaur we’ll make sure it’s a good one.

Our strategy package:

  • £75. This includes creating 1-3 client avatars as well as analysis on 2-4 key competitors to make sure you’ll stand out.


We can help you set up, manage and refresh your digital pay per click advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google and Facebook so that you can reach people on the lookout for a company like yours. Together, we will choose the best platforms to advertise on, as well as the best targeting options for your business. You choose how often you want to be reported back to about your advertising campaigns and kick back while we work on making your business a household name.

Our PPC advertising packages:

  • Campaign set-up: £50 per campaign. Included in this package is creating effective targeting and eye-catching creative, as well as setting up advertising accounts if required.
  • Audit on an existing campaign: £25 campaign. This includes refreshing ad targeting and creative.
  • Campaign management: £100 per campaign per month. This includes managing ad spend and providing monthly reports, as well as a monthly ad creative and targeting refresh. Running an additional campaign on the same platform is £75 per campaign per month.


Need some cracking content for your website, social media and marketing?Content marketing offers your company an air of expertise in your field, offers valuable material for your social media and advertising,and can greatly improve your SEO to boot.Here at Bad Dinosaur we can produce blog posts, newsletters, press releases and whitepapers for you,as well as assisting with things like website copywriting and editing.

Our content marketing packages:

  • One-off blog post of c. 500 words: £50. Reach more potential clients and offer value to them with a blog post written by Bad Dinosaur.
  • PDF guide/white paper: £50 per 500 words. If you want more signups for your mailing list or simply wish to generate more traffic onto your website, a white paper offering some advice and information about your field of work can be a great way to achieve that. Decide the length and topic of your white paper, and we’ll create a PDF guide your clients will love.
  • Bi-weekly blog posts: £100 per month. The blog posts are ca. 500 words and will provide valuable content for your customers, answering common questions and allowing them to see you as an expert in your field.
  • Email marketing set-up on Mailchimp: £50. This includes setting up your account, importing your contacts and creating an eye-catching template.
  • Monthly marketing email: £25 per month. This includes sending out a monthly email to your contacts outlining news from your company as well as any blog posts.


Want to build your brand and engage with potential customers on social media? You’ve got it! Social media marketing offers a chance for companies to connect with people on a more personal level and become more approachable.Together we can decide which platforms to target and how to start conversations with people.We’ll create captivating posts on your behalf as often as you like, and can manage comments and questions from followers on your behalf.

Our social media packages:

  • Social media strategy session: £50. This includes creating a content calendar for your social media and deciding on the right platforms and message for your social media presence.
  • Posting on 2-3 profiles 5 times a week: £150 per month. This includes a monthly report on the state of your social media as well as a monthly refresh of your social media content calendar.

Interested? Get a free, non-committal 30-minute consultation call with us by emailing [email protected]. During our initial call we’ll chat about the best options for your business and budget as well as offering valuable insights into your business’ digital presence whether or not you choose to work with us. If none of the packages mentioned here are exactly what you need, don’t hesitate to drop us a line outlining what you are after and we’ll see what we can do!