Product design workshops

Got an idea for a web or mobile application but not sure how to proceed? Unsure about the features you need or how to write a proposal that will secure you funding?

Bad Dinosaur’s got you covered.

Our product design workshops are designed to provide new and aspiring entrepreneurs with the support they require to take their first steps towards building their product. Combining creative insight with years of development experience, we’ll provide you with a good idea of your essential features and how they all fit together. This reduces the amount of assumptions made in the development process, saving you a considerable amount of money and time when it comes to building your product.

Save money on development

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Kyle and Russ working on a whiteboard - Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Who you are

Our product design workshops are formulated to fit different types of people and businesses, but we feel that they are especially useful for new and aspiring entrepreneurs who dream big and have a great idea.

Apart from early-stage startups, our product design workshops are also useful for more established companies who are wanting to scale up with a new application, and want to bounce ideas around with some of Scotland’s highest skilled techies.

Whatever your budget or the size of your company might be, we will formulate a plan of action for the product design workshop sessions based on your particular needs so that you get the most out of them.

How it works

You can have as few or many product design workshop sessions as you see fit, but we believe that many people will find about four or five sessions to be pretty ideal. During the sessions we’ll go over your idea together and talk about how to best develop it. We will go over your application’s essential features, design its user flow and produce a breakdown of its components.

What you’ll take away

We understand the importance of feeling like your idea is in good hands. That’s why you will own everything that comes out of the meetings. Our product design workshop sessions will provide you with a tangible plan of action for writing your proposal, securing funding and building your first minimum viable product.


The product design workshop sessions take about an hour each, and we charge just £65/hour, pay-as-you-go.

Let's get started

So, ready to change the world? Great! The first step is to make contact - pop some details over to us here or send an email to [email protected].