The benefits of our managed web hosting

26 weeks ago by Russ

As you may or may not know, Bad Dinosaur offers a fully-managed hosting package for your web application. There are a few companies that provide a similar service, but the experience a friend of ours had recently with their web host has reminded us why we even started offering this in a first place.

Our managed hosting includes 24/7/365 monitoring and engineer support as standard. This means we've got systems checking the site constantly, and we're alerted if it ever starts running slowly or stops working completely. One example scenario might be if you went viral in America at 2am GMT and the servers couldn't handle it anymore - rather than not finding out until 9am and missing out on sales, an engineer will get an automated phone call as it happens, get out of bed and increase the server power until the problem is resolved.

We also handle all of the security for the application. We provide SSL and automatic threat detection as standard for all our clients. We have systems checking and blocking like automated hacks and "denial of service" attacks, which are surprisingly common - I’ve just had a look and our system has stopped 81 attacks in the last 24 hours (2,615 attacks in the last 28 days) on just one of the web applications we manage..!

While we're on the subject of security: the operating systems, firmware and other software are kept up to date, with all security patches and performance updates installed frequently, rather than just being abandoned and left to die. Again, security of web applications is a huge (and growing) concern. Okay, there’s probably not a “hackerman” trying to get access to your infrastructure night and day, but there are loads of automated threats running round the clock trying to gain access or infect your servers.

All of our infrastructure and services are cloud-based and scalable. The people setting up your infrastructure really know infrastructure. We also know your code, because we wrote it. So if something goes wrong with your web application, we’re a single point of contact for everything. You won’t get passed around a call centre or between different lines of support, because you will always get through to an engineer located at our Edinburgh or Glasgow office - we don't outsource any of our support team.

Finally, we don’t speak tech to you. You don’t need to know about SSL certificates or databases or anything of the sort. We’ll handle it all, and you can concentrate on growing your new business.

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