Vote for “Have You Got” for the VR Tech Award!

28 weeks ago by Ian

The team at Bad Dinosaur built the tech that has brought Deborah Labi’s powerful idea to life and now her app is turning heads in the vacation rental marketplace - and potentially about to bag the 2018 VR Tech Award.

After 12 years in the holiday rental industry, Deborah had grown frustrated. She was unhappy turning away prospective clients when she didn’t have a property to offer them without being able to inform another agent or property owner of the potential lead. The vision of Have You Got was to build a network for property managers to alert each other in cases like this, allowing everyone - clients included - to benefit from booking requests being passed on. The goal is to build a community for entrepreneurial holiday rental professionals where everyone supports each other, rather than losing business to very large businesses in the field.

The VR (Vacation Rental) Tech Award recognises startups like Deborah’s for their innovative tech brilliance in the vacation rental industry. Deborah is full of energy and drive, so we’re incredibly hopeful for her - but we’d love to have your support too!

Vote for Have You Got here, we’ll owe you a selfie with Popcorn!