Bad Dinosaur does things differently.

"The word I would use to describe my overall experience of working with Bad Dinosaur would be “inspiring”. We thought we knew exactly what we wanted, and they helped us understand what we needed and how to achieve it."

Susan Scurlock
CEO, Primary Engineer

"Bad Dinosaur transformed my thinking from ‘Here's a brief, now let’s build it’ to another way of working which puts emphasis on key tasks, features and ignoring the fluff that does not add value to the product or business using it."

Ryan Falconer


Our mission is to provide a complete service for anyone who wants to be in the tech industry, taking you from an idea in your head to your first paying customers and beyond. We'll take care of the design, development and web hosting. We'll even help you get funding to build it.

Product design workshops

With your insight and our expertise we can work together to design the perfect product.

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MVP development

Launch your app idea in 3 weeks. We work with you to take your idea and turn it into reality.

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Follow-on work

We're here to improve the functionality and design of your product after the MVP.

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Managed cloud hosting

We'll architect and launch your cloud infrastructure, and even support it 24/7/365.

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We provide highly flexible and affordable marketing support tailored to fit your needs.

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We have products, too

We don't just build software for other people - we've also built and launched our own products, which are relied upon and trusted by businesses and consumers around the world.

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Bad Dinosaur Products

"I was close to going with a big gym software company but my unique business model didn’t fit their software, in the end I decided it was easier to keep doing everything myself. Then Fitbizzle came along and it has changed my life. Simplified everything and saved me so much admin time. Would highly recommend to any small business."

Amanda Brindley, Fitbump
Talking about Fitbizzle

"Using this tool dramatically reduced staff time dealing with the logistics of our department's tuition offering. Our no show count saw a huge reduction and the extensive reporting features have allowed us to identify hotspot areas where students are needing the most help. We highly recommend it for any institutions looking to save time and money!"

Eilidh Harris, University of St. Andrews
Talking about Tutlings for Universities