Susan Scurlock, Primary Engineer
The word I would use to describe my overall experience of working with Bad Dinosaur would be “inspiring”. We thought we knew exactly what we wanted, and they helped us understand what we needed and how to achieve it.
Susan Scurlock, CEO, Primary Engineer

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We call this a brain dump


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Graham Watson, Advanced Engagement
I came across Bad Dinosaur by chance and I'm so glad I did. My ideas were quickly turned into a practical set of costed development milestones which were delivered on time. I'd recommend Bad Dinosaur to anyone who needs to build an application that can be scaled easily once the business concept is proven.
Graham Watson, Managing Director, Advanced Engagement

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Tom Harries, Vocal
Bad Dinosaur took the time to understand our mission upfront and translated that into a technical design that could help us test our hypothesis with real customers quickly. At the first co-design meeting, it was great to see the service taking shape at this milestone and it was a good opportunity to reassess the direction and priority of work still to be done with the time we had left.
Tom Harries, Founder, Vocal

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