We are Bad Dinosaur

A brief history

We love learning about people’s early-stage ideas and working alongside them to make their dreams into reality - from that initial idea you have in the shower to proposal, from MVP to hosting, we are passionate about offering a complete service to our clients and supporting them in every stage of their product’s life cycle.

Bad Dinosaur was founded in 2013 to solve an industry-wide problem. Having worked as a developer both as a freelancer and in-house, Kyle had grown frustrated with big agencies that worked slowly, didn’t include the client in the development process, and ended up delivering them a product that was not only expensive, but not what they really wanted. In founding Bad Dinosaur, Kyle was inspired by the work philosophy of Basecamp founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier-Hansson, as laid down in their book Rework.

In late 2016, Kyle joined forces with Russ, a developer with years of experience and a knack for business development, in order to collaborate on bigger projects and diversify the range of services offered by the company. Since then, Bad Dinosaur has experienced a great deal of growth, and has been able to offer more services to help businesses and startups create amazing digital products efficiently and cheaply.

May 2013

Kyle founded Bad Dinosaur 👨‍💻

March 2017

Russ joined Kyle as Director 🤝

Nov 2017

Bad Dinosaur grew to a team of 5! 🎉

Jan 2018

Moved to our own office space in Edinburgh 🏠

May 2018

We launched a new logo and branding ✨

July 2018

We expanded to the city of Glasgow 🏙️

Bad Dinosaur, software development agency in Edinburgh

Our values

Honesty and transparency

We put our clients first, and this means always being upfront with them. We are transparent about our pricing and keep you involved during the development process through frequent co-design meetings. Sometimes our honesty means turning down work that won’t be a good match for us. If we feel that your project is not a good fit for us after our initial chat, we will let you know and recommend someone else to do the work if we can.

Keep it simple

We believe in creating simple software that is easily scalable. We believe in working fast and lean, delivering an MVP in three weeks or less. What allows us to deliver results so fast is our agile methodology that emphasises building the essential stuff first into a scalable MVP to help you secure your first paying customers and investors.

Personal service

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all our clients’ software needs, and the quality of our services makes clients come back to us again and again. We include our clients in the development process through frequent co-design meetings, letting them contribute to the development process by giving feedback and asking any burning questions they might have.

Bad Dinosaur, software development agency in Edinburgh

Meet the team

Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Kyle Whittington

A serial entrepreneur with almost two decades of coding experience, Kyle's passion is using tech to create great products for people. Having worked in and around a variety of digital agencies as well as inhouse software, he's been around the block when it comes to taking an idea all the way through to delivery.

Russ Peterson, Director of Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Russ Peterson

In his 10 years of experience in the web development industry, Russ has worked closely with some of the largest name brands in the world to develop digital products. Russ is focused on product design and strategy, and spends most of his time distilling and understanding the problems that our clients are trying to solve.

Lindsay McDougall, Designer and front-end developer at Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Lindsay McDougall

Lindsay’s background as a designer has made her a perfect addition to the Bad Dinosaur team. Her extensive skills as a front-end developer and illustrator help us deliver a truly complete service to our clients.

Nicky Holloway, back-end developer at Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Nicky Holloway

Seeking a career change Nicky completed an intensive Software Development bootcamp. He joins Bad Dinosaur as a junior backend developer bringing a real enthusiasm and motivation to deliver the best product for our clients.

Ian Henderson, back-end developer at Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Ian Henderson

Ian completed an intensive Software Development course at CodeClan as in-road to the tech sector. He joins Bad Dinosaur as a back-end developer, and with a background in the lighting industry he brings strong problem solving skills to development projects.


Finn Porter

After graduating from CodeClan's intensive Software Development course, Finn joined the instructor team at CodeClan to help the next generation of students make their way into the tech industry. She joins Bad Dinosaur as a back-end developer, highly motivated to find the best solutions for our clients.


Eliot Rhys

Coming to tech via the creative world, Eliot is a graduate of CodeClan's Software Development bootcamp and a Junior Designer at Bad Dinosaur. With a background in film and animation, he brings creative solutions and movie trivia to every project!


Rosie Kydd

With five years in Account Management, Rosie has joined Bad Dinosaur as a Business Development Manager to help grow and develop the company's portfolio. Her enthusiasm for client collaboration and skills in building close business relationships make her a great new addition to the team.


Graeme Faulds

Having spent the first 15 years of his career as a private equity investor, Graeme was looking for a challenge and decided to start his own software firm. It was eventually acquired by eVestment, a Nasdaq company, where Graeme continues to work on product management. Graeme advises on strategy, operations and other business stuff.

Shoshanna, doggo at Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh


As Bad Dinosaur's Chief Morale Officer, Shoshanna is in charge of welcoming visitors to the Bad Dinosaur HQ and making Mondays infinitely more bearable for our team. Her special skills include begging for treats and having extremely soft fluffs.

Popcorn the resident unicorn


Someone who brings sunshine and happiness to the team, Popcorn is usually found grazing nearby but it's not unheard of to see her also roaming the CodeBase corridors. The world is full of rainbows and Popcorn is keen on riding every single one of them.

Bad Dinosaur HQ

Our HQ is located at 6 Beaverhall Road, in the lovely Canonmills area of Edinburgh. You can get the buses 36, 23 or 27 from the city centre, and there are several lunch spots located near the office

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