Bad Dinosaur is continiously expanding, but we can't grow without you. We're looking for people who are passionate about building great products, and aren't afraid to try something different.

Working at Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Working at Bad Dinosaur

We offer a relaxed but organised creative environment. We understand that contribution can't necessarily be measured in time, and therefore we aren't focused on start/finish times or the number of hours you do in a week. We're looking for effort and passion to be poured into our projects.

We work using agile methodologies, with daily "stand up" meetings where each member of the team can contribute to everything that's going on, and everyone has full visbility of the operations of the company. There's a relatively flat hierachy, and we put a lot of trust into our team members to monitor their own productivity, rather than being micro-managed.

Working with us is a great opportunity to gain broad experience in an exciting industry. We typically work with start-ups on short projects, developing early stage products in a fast-and-loose manner. Since we have many different clients, every day is different at Bad Dinosaur, and we get to work on some really innovative projects

Careers at Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Office Life

We're really proud to be based in CodeBase Edinburgh. CodeBase offers us excellent facilities to help us through the working day. We work in bright and airy open spaces, and have access to break-out spaces with table football, ping pong and even our own barista.

We also value time outside the office, and so remote working is more than welcome. You can work from home, from the beach or from a mountain if you prefer. We use a whole bunch of awesome productivity tools to keep in touch despite the distance.

Developing software at Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Vacancies at Bad Dinosaur

We're always looking for people with experience in one or more of the following:

Got a skill that you think we need? Great! Get in touch with us and we'll sit down for a coffee and a chat. We'll even let you see the magic unicorn. Get in touch