Clickable prototypes

Attract investors and gain early adopter feedback with a 'smoke and mirrors' prototype of your idea. Highly collaborative with our UX and UI experts, typically turned around in just 3-4 weeks.

Test ideas before you do any development work

  • Be investor ready
  • Short time frame
  • Highly flexible
  • Fun, creative process
  • Work with product design experts

A clickable prototype (sometimes referred to as a demonstration app) is designed to attract investors and gain early adopter feedback, by showcasing the core user flows and navigation through the app. A clickable prototype has no back end, no data persistence, and you cannot onboard users or save any data - they are used purely as a demo. Our designers will work with you closely, iterating quickly to shape your product and bring your ideas to life.

Clickable prototypes are brilliant as a vehicle to get investment as they demonstrate your software so much better than flat designs on a slide deck . They also show that you are already working on your product and backing your own idea, which makes you a much more attractive investment opportunity.

Many clients build a clickable prototype as the first stage on their MVP journey, and pause for user testing at this point to make sure they are not missing anything that would be very valuable to include in the full build. Given we start all project with design first, a clickable prototype doesn't just get thrown away once you're ready to progress to the backend development stage - we just pick up where we left off. We're very much about zero-waste code and building sustainably, and find this way of building gives clients tons of flexibility without needing to keep restarting. Win, win!


Typically 3-4 weeks working with our team of experts.


£5,000 - £8,000 depending on number of pages, all charged at our standard day rate on a time & materials basis.


Adobe XD or Figma files, and a clickable prototype that you can use to demonstrate your idea to investors and early adopters.


At the end of the project you'll have an Adobe XD archive and live link to your clickable prototype. You can pass this around to some early adopters to get that initial feedback. Need any changes? We're here for it. Product design is an iterative process so we're often going back after user feedback to refine the prototype. Once you're happy with it, move to building it out as an actual working app with our MVP service.

Typical process


Planning & strategy

Kick off this process with a workshop to 'brain-dump' your ideas and present us with the challenge.



Our team will put together storyboards for your app - low fidelity sketches that can show the typical user journeys. Sets the scene and identifies if there's anything we've not considered.


Low-fidelity mock-ups

Once we're happy with the storyboard, our team puts together some initial low-fidelity versions of the key pages to gauge look and feel, start to play around with the branding and colours.


High-fidelity images

Refined versions of the initial mock-ups are tightened down in Adobe XD and turned into high-fidelity versions of the pages within your app.


Ready to share

You're ready to show it off to others - we'll provide you with the assets along with a live link that you can use to send along to early adopters or potential investors for them to take a look.

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