Our rates

We work on something called 'time and materials'. This means you only pay for time spent on your project rather than being given a fixed price for the work and charged that no matter what happens.


Our day rate

per day

  • Time and materials basis
  • Development work
  • UX / UI / Design work
  • Product strategy
  • Fractional CTO
  • Quality assurance
  • Support & maintenance

Woah, an agency that actually has a price on their website.
How refreshing.

Unlike most other app development agencies, we're open and transparent about how much we charge - and it's the same rate for all of our clients - startup, SME or corporate. Why wouldn't it be? It's also a single day rate to keep things simple for you - only pay for what you use. No maximising profits here.

Why do we choose Time & Materials over Fixed Price?

Big topic but in a nutshell, it goes a long way to ensuring you're getting the best possible product. We've always found it strange that fixed price projects incentivise the agency owner to get the project done as quickly as possible, rather than doing it right. That doesn't mean we don't consider what the quickest route is - we're all about Minimum Viable Product - but it does mean we're not going to cut corners.

How do I know how much a project will cost?

We're not going to leave you in the dark. We'll give you a rough estimate of how long we think it will take to build your product and then we'll keep you updated as we go along - we've built incredible tools to keep you in the loop. Also, take a look at our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us. We're confident you'll be impressed. If you're still unsure then please do give us a call to discuss. We'd be happy to chat through our process and how we mitigate the risk associated with time and materials projects. We've been doing it for ten years so we've got a pretty good handle on it.

Bad Dino have been fantastic to work alongside, the team know the project inside out. The workshop and initial concept meetings are invaluable allowing ideas to bounce around to find unique solutions. Taking ideas from a development and functional perspective and turning them into real life workable solutions. The app has helped us grow the business massively, reducing admin time, increasing productivity and allowing the team to focus on what really matters, the swimmers in the pool.

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I was close to going with a big gym software company but my unique business model didn’t fit with the software, there were so many things I had to bend on in the end I decided it was easier to keep doing everything myself. Then Bad Dinosaur built me Fitbizzle and it has changed my life. Simplified everything and saved me so much admin time. Would highly recommend to any small business.

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Our overall experience of working with Bad Dinosaur has been very positive. The team have been flexible, fast to respond and keen to work together to develop solutions to make Tutlings meet our requirements. Bad Dinosaur's flexibility in doing further work on the software has been really helpful, and the team have often been able to suggest sensible solutions to our problems that have worked well for us and for the software. Using [Tutlings for Universities] dramatically reduced staff time dealing with the logistics of our department's tuition offering. Our no show count saw a huge reduction and the extensive reporting features have allow...

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Absolutely fabulous agency, and now working with them for my 3rd start-up business. Great team and above all else they are a pleasure to work with. Thoroughly recommend them.

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Here are some projects to check out

We've helped launch over 100 tech startups. Here's a few we like to really shout about but there's tons more you can check out too.


Archiheads is a platform that supports people in creative industries.

Love Your Employees

A tool for employers to assess their existing employee benefits, and find and compare new employee benefits and perks to add to their offering.

Sentry SL

GPS tracking solution using Smart Lead technology.

Fanbase - Web App

Uniting clubs and their fans through the latest mobile technology. Mobile optimised web app using native QR code scanning.

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