We are Bad Dino

An app design and development agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We've been going for over 10 years and we've helped launch over 100 tech startups. We try to keep things simple, and we're a nice bunch of humans.

App development + design on mobile and web

Handcrafted in Edinburgh, Scotland by an inhouse team.

No outsourcing or shenanigans.

10 years and counting.

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Simple pricing

We don't over-complicate things so we have just a single day rate that you pay - whether that's design, development, strategy or fractional CTO services -- it's all the same to us.

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Microsoft technologies

We're not into flavours of the week. We use the latest Microsoft .NET technology to build beautiful, cross-platform and easy to maintain web and mobile apps. Because it's Microsoft.

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No outsourcing

Our team is all inhouse and permanently employed at Bad Dinosaur, right here in Scotland. We don't outsource unless you need us to for expedited delivery.

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Partnerships focused

We will embed ourselves into your business and are in it for the long term. We're keen on helping you scale until you don't need us anymore.


Honesty and transparency

We put our clients first, and this means always being upfront with them. We are transparent about our pricing and keep you involved during the development process through frequent co-design meetings. Sometimes our honesty means turning down work that won’t be a good match for us. If we feel that your project is not a good fit for us after our initial chat, we will let you know and recommend someone else to do the work if we can.


Keep it simple

We believe in creating simple software that is easily scalable. We believe in working fast and lean, delivering an MVP as quickly as possible. What allows us to deliver results so fast is our agile methodology that emphasises building the essential stuff first into a scalable MVP to help you secure your first paying customers and investors.


Personal service

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all our clients’ software needs, and the quality of our services makes clients come back to us again and again. We include our clients in the development process through frequent co-design meetings, letting them contribute to the development process by giving feedback and asking any burning questions they might have.

Our talented team

We all live in and around Edinburgh - some a little further out but all within reach of our offices in the city centre so we can collaborate in person a few days a week. We have some old team members that can help us out as freelancers from time to time but otherwise everyone is a permanent member of the team.


Hannah Gateley

Project Manager & Product Owner


Ian Henderson

Head of Product & Developer


Kyle Whittington

Managing Director & Developer


Laureline Vaucoy



Nyalls Hemingway



Patrick Thorpe



Rosie Kydd

Head of Partnerships


Valentin Rabier

Designer & Front-end Developer


Graeme Faulds


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