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May 06, 2021
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Previously we’ve talked about our hesitancy to build dating apps, but this one caught our eye.

Thursday (previously known as Honeypot) is a dating app that only works one day a week 🤯

It's positioned as a response to the insane statistics about folk spending 10+ hours a week on dating apps, and an alternative to the swipe>match>small-talk>boredom>ghosting cycle to which singletons have grown accustomed. 

(Rawlings also jokes that they can't afford the AWS hosting full time, lol)

We tend to avoid building dating apps because the market is over-saturated, and usually the only niche or innovative ones tend to discriminate based on protected characteristics. People have been dating for eternity, so it's actually pretty hard to come up with a new way of doing it. 

Interestingly the Thursday team didn't really fancy creating a dating app either. The concept for the first iteration, Honeypot, was to create zones where singles could gather and have 'microdates' - skipping past the courting phase (ahem, and the vetting bit too 😬). This app is a great example of successfully pivoting.

What makes Thursday exciting is that it's exclusivity and scarcity on steroids: limited to 2 cities, 100k users, and 1 day of the week - cue the FOMO scramble!

Kudos to the Thursday team for a great concept, clever pivot, and their PR too.


1 minute read
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