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App Development
Oct 19, 2022
1 minute read

Our team jumped at the chance to build a bespoke app for our first in-person exhibition of the year

You know the drill, you’re exhibiting at an event soon and the pressure is on to create some engagement, some drama, something to entice visitors to your stand, strike up a conversation with your team and of course, share their details for follow-up at a later stage (because lead generation is always the name of the game for Sales & Marketing).  

But sometimes it all feels a bit stale, a bit lacklustre – the same old plastic promotional giveaways and the beer-pong challenge that just feels a little off at 10am on a Wednesday in a conference hall.

Well, the very clever Designosaurs set themselves the challenge of creating an app to grab the attention of delegates at Digit Expo's Digital Transformation Summit, get them interacting with tech and rewarding them with some sweet prizes too.  And naturally, it had to be dinosaur themed!

In less than a week they took it from from idea, to storyboard, interface design and coding, and finally launching our Dino Egg Hunt app at dtsummit22.  Rapid product development in action!  


The Dino Egg Hunt app was designed to get delegates searching for a series of QR codes hidden across the venue in the quickest time possible.  The competitive nature of attendees guaranteed that our leader board updated regularly, creating a strong reason for delegates to return to our stand between seminars.  Over 10% of delegates took part in the hunt.  We call that a win!



1 minute read
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