Spotify vs. Apple: Monetisation

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Apr 19, 2021
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The big players in the music streaming business are embroiled in a monetisation debate.

Okay let's talk app wars: the Spotify vs. Apple Music battle wages on...

The music industry is still reeling from a year without gig revenue so pressure is mounting on streaming platforms to increase artists' compensation.

(and we're seeing growing interest in things like NFTs)

So, the big players in the audio streaming world have offered a breakdown of their payment structures: 

🟢 Spotify have gone all in with a dedicated microsite (complete with a du jour retro aesthetic that reminds us of this) to explain theirs.

🔴 Meanwhile Apple Music published a letter to artists, labels, and publishers on the service’s artist dashboard, detailing their 'penny-per-stream' payment structure.

Apple say they pay more per stream, but Spotify have a different split and a lot more streams. It's all a bit complicated. Check out this helpful piece from Variety for more.

Seeing app monetisation in public discourse like this shows that consumers are conscious of it, and can be influenced by it. A strong monetisation strategy is a fundamental to successful app development, something we help our clients to land.

Check out our blog on app monetisation for more.

1 minute read
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