The surprising benefits of meat-free catering

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Dec 09, 2021
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Earlier this year Bad Dinosaur reviewed its sustainability practices. The team collectively agreed that we wanted to do more to try and reduce our corporate carbon footprint. Several initiatives were proposed, including a commitment to trying meat-free catering within the office.

For the last six months, any office catering has consisted of vegetarian or vegan food only. The majority of the agency are meat eaters and to be honest, I was not sure if we would sustain the switch. I am happy to say that I was wrong, and instead, we encountered some surprising benefits to not eating meat.

1. It turns out we like vegetables a lot more than we thought. When our new policy was introduced I imagined we would only be eating salads for lunch - wrong! There is a wide variety of delicious vegetarian cuisine available and we are thoroughly enjoying sampling the various options from different restaurants. 

2. Change is good. A lot of the team have said that in the past they wouldn’t have chosen a vegetarian option because they assumed that they wouldn’t like it. Instead, they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the variety and taste of dishes. 

3. We are ordering local and therefore supporting local businesses. Previously, we would order a bunch of pizzas from Dominos for our monthly team lunches without giving it much thought. It has been good to get to know the restaurants in our neighbourhood and support them.

4. Eating less meat might be beneficial for your health. Increasing your consumption of nutrient-rich plant foods and eating a varied, well-balanced diet can only be a good thing!

At the start of December, we hosted the Bad Dinosaur Christmas party. A day filled with delicious meat-free catering. At lunchtime we got a delicious platter of bagels from Bross Bagels in Leith, they did not last long: 

Bross Bagels

In the evening the team ventured out to the newly opened Henderson’s restaurant in Bruntsfield and enjoyed a delicious meal from their Christmas set menu. We would absolutely recommend this spot to anyone local to Edinburgh:


With 2022 just around the corner I am looking forward to sampling more of the Edinburgh vegetarian food scene with the Bad Dinosaur team. Do you have any recommendations of places the Bad Dinosaur team should try? Drop us a message and let us know. 


1 minute read
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