We are an Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce

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Jan 06, 2022
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We have joined forces with Ecologi to plant trees and help some of the best climate solutions in the world. Every month we will be planting groves of trees in our company forest. Funding carbon reducing, tree planting projects all over the world. We think it is a pretty brilliant initiative to be contributing to.

Each team member at Bad Dinosaur has been signed up to become client positive. This means we will be offsetting our team's carbon footprint and we also plan on working with Ecologi to ensure the company is on a path to Net Zero. 

At present Bad Dinosaur has committed to donating enough to plant 240 trees per month as part of reforestation efforts in Madagascar, Nicaragua and Mozambique, as well as reducing our collective carbon footprint by removing 17.7 tonnes of CO2 per month. We have also opted for an extra 20 trees to be planted locally in Scotland each month by the Future Forest Company. To kick things off, we have just donated a forest of 1000 trees in Madagascar, as part of their reforestation project!

As of January 2022 we have planted 1,960 trees, offset 70.64 tonnes of CO2e and been recognised as a climate positive workforce for four months. Visit our Ecologi profile and you can keep track of our progress throughout the year.


1 minute read
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