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App Development
Mar 21, 2022
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Dan recently joined Bad Dinosaur as a Developer and is already working on a range of exciting client projects. Before joining Bad Dinosaur Dan worked in the public sector and is looking forward to transferring his skills and experience to his new role. We gave him a quick grilling to get to know him better!

What made you want to work for Bad Dinosaur?

I had spent the early part of my career working in the public sector and was ready for a change. I wanted to work somewhere that would enable me to work on a variety of different projects and at a faster pace, Bad Dinosaur seemed like the perfect place for that. 

How did you get into development?

From a very young age I have always had an interest in computers and this translated into what I enjoyed studying at school. I guess I kind of naturally gravitated towards development and chose to pursue it as a career when I went to university. 

How are you settling into your new role?

Great! Everyone in the office is super friendly and I am finding the work interesting. 

What was the last video game that you played?

I have played World of Warcraft on and off since I have been a teenager, this has always been one of my favourites! However, the most recent game I played was Elden Ring. I am really enjoying exploring the world. 

Now that things are opening up again, what gigs are you most looking forward to attending?

I have tickets for Slam Dunk in June. I am really excited to see Alexisonfire. It’s great to be able to do these types of things in person again. 

What is your favourite dinosaur?

I loved the Stegosaurus from Land Before Time as a kid, so it has to be this one!


1 minute read
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