World Parkinson's Day: Spotlight on Parkinson's ON for Empowering Lives

App Development
Apr 11, 2024
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Today is World Parkinson's Day - a day dedicated to raising awareness about Parkinson's disease, and to educate people on the impact it has on those who live with it. Bad Dino had the privilege of helping to design and develop Parkinson’s ON (powered by Parkinson's UK), an app created for people with the disease which helps them track their symptoms and manage their medication while also offering a range of self-help content.

Parkinson's ON founder, Kuhan Pushparatnam, who has Parkinson’s disease, wanted to develop an app which allows people to feel more in control and informed about their condition. Medication for Parkinson’s is time sensitive, and even a slight variation in when they are taken can have very real consequences. With basic pill management apps not catering for the time sensitivity experienced by Parkinson’s patients, Kuhan set about creating his own app, powered by his own algorithms, to empower others suffering with the disease.

The app we have developed allows users to manage their medication schedules, track their symptoms and gain key data insights into how their activity, sleep and medication habits impact their wellbeing. The three critical elements of the platform allows users to:

- Stay ON Time with their medication schedule with a simple setup, alerts which remind them of what to take and when, and one click logging that records the time taken.

- Stay ON Track by completing daily check-ins, rating their motor & non motor symptoms and recording daily activities

- Stay ON Top by viewing an interactive dashboard showing their own medication adherence, symptom and activity trends.

Reflecting on his involvement in the project, Senior Developer Nyalls Hemingway commented, “working on Parkinson’s ON  was an incredibly gratifying experience, as it will positively impact the quality of life for individuals affected by the condition. This cause is especially personal to me, as I lost my granddad to the disease a few years ago, so being able to provide a tool to track symptoms and medicine intake to alleviate pressure on support staff and family is very fulfilling.”

Parkinson’s ON is available in the App Store and Google Play for download.


4 minute read
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