Edinburgh for Under Fives

A family-friendly site for those looking to enjoy Edinburgh and Fife with young children

Since 1986, Edinburgh For Under Fives has been a highly valuable resource for Edinburgh families, offering information on family activities in the city and surrounding areas. While EFUF’s main venture has long been their book, listing various family-friendly events and venues in Edinburgh, they approached Bad Dinosaur to redevelop, redesign and enrich their existing website and improve the search functionality in order to make it ideal for parents on the move.

It was a great challenge to work on EFUF. Their existing website wasn't optimised for mobile and felt like a translation of the book rather than its own digital product. We make the most of the web and used location-based search to provide a mobile-first experience for parents on the move.

Lindsay McDougall, Designer at Bad Dinosaur
Lindsay McDougall, Designer at Bad Dinosaur
Bad Dinosaur designed the responsive website behind Fitbizzle

The new EFUF website experience was designed to provide the easiest possible way for parents on the move to search and find what they are looking for. The plan for achieving this included better search functionality of listings by location, including a map view as well as full featured results filtering. The proposal also included a full administration backend allowing for the management of listings, subscriptions and book orders - all with proper tracking, renewals and email notifications. The option of offering more free content before the paywall of EFUF’s subscription system was added in the form of blog posts and featured articles.

Bad Dinosaur designed the responsive website behind Fitbizzle

The EFUF user experience was optimised for mobile, as this was seen as the device that most of the audience would visit the site. This offered a great stop gap between a website and a mobile phone app - the new website was planned to have the same look and feel as an installed mobile app, providing ease for users to search listings without having to install anything onto their mobile device.

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