Providing decision makers with real-time forward looking updates to help them avoid unnecessary surprises and put their focus and action where it really matters.

The concept

Large organisations are complex and made up of many moving parts. This makes it challenging for leaders to maintain focus on strategic priorities whilst dealing with emergent day-to-day issues. The haelosense MVP allows complex organisations to be decomposed into their critical elements and align the elements to strategic goals.

The tool is based upon lean principles and uses visual indicators to draw attention to the critical elements requiring attention using a ‘BRAG’ status of Blue, Green, Amber and Red and contextual insights.

Bad Dinosaur designed the responsive website behind Haelo Consulting


Haelo came to Bad Dinosaur with a proof of concept in the form of a spreadsheet-based system of the tool, but with no plan for what the user flow or design should look like. This is quite a common predicament our clients find themselves in when they first approach us, so we decided to have some brainstorming sessions with the client about this to get started. Once they saw a glimpse of what the application could look like, they were inspired to share many additional ideas for the UX design of the platform.

Haelo is a great example of a type of client we see a lot at Bad Dinosaur - they had a proof of concept for their product, but no plan for how the user experience should work. They were the perfect candidate for our Idea Bootcamp sessions, and after seeing some designs drawn up by our in-house UX experts, they were soon full of ideas for how to make the application work as smoothly as possible.

Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur
Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur

I found myself pleasantly surprised by the progress made at our first co-design meeting, as the look and feel presented after a very short amount of time surpassed my expectations.The team’s willingness to adopt an emergent approach was invaluable to me, and I believe this led to the success of the project.I am already engaged in project number two, and intend for Bad Dinosaur to be my partner of choice for all future software development.

Mick O'Connor, Founder of Haelo Consulting
Mick O'Connor, Founder of Haelo Consulting


Haelo’s reporting tool is now being rolled out to organisations across the world and is on Bad Dinosaur’s managed hosting plan. Haelo Consulting received funding from Scottish Enterprise for this project.

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