Mackenzie School of English

Group booking, CRM and invoicing system

Mackenzie School of English approached Bad Dinosaur back in 2013 to help them solve a "simple" problem: how do you keep track of multiple large group bookings, with loads of associated travel information, purchased packages, acommodation and invoicing, whilst also allowing a team of people to access and manage it?

Mackenzie were running a large portion of their internal business on shared spreadsheets and a stack of documents - they were not very technical themselves when it came to software, but were aware that there must be a better way to do things.

The niche nature of Mackenzie's business meant that it was clear to us that we would need to build them something bespoke to solve their unique administrative challenges.

Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur
Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur

Working closely with Mackenzie School, we iterated through initial prototypes rapidly and over the course of a couple months eventually had the minimum viable product in the hands of their team who were now starting to use it for day to day activities. Over the following months and years we implemented even more features into the system, iterating on the existing platform and enriching the utility of the application.

The efficiencies they were now achieving was meaning less time spent by the admin staff on day to day operations, giving them more scope to work on other areas of the business. Bookings were now managed via a web interface where staff are able to provide up to the minute information about their group bookings as they develop and generate invoices, acommodation agreements, agency agreements and more, all within a few clicks. Management also now had full visibility of invoices going out the door and live reporting on key performance indicators via an easy to use reporting interface.

The booking system Bad Dinosaur developed for us has reduced everyone's workload and allows us to spend more time doing what we do best - delivering programmes and courses.

Chris Moonie, CEO
Chris Moonie, CEO

Years later, and to this day, we're proud to say that Mackenzie School of English is still using the application to run the core of their business and still approach Bad Dinosaur for whenever new features or support is required. It's been a great relationship and one that truly shows the long term approach we have to our customers and the products that we are proud to have built for them.

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