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The aim of Paygaps.com is to make data around the wage gap in different industries and within different private and public sector entities more accessible and easier to analyse. This publicly available application will prove a useful tool for organisations to hold themselves accountable for diversity issues, as well as providing a valuable resource for journalists and job seekers.

Bad Dinosaur designed the responsive website behind Paygaps.com

New legislation introduced in February 2017 required organisations with more than 250 employees to submit information on their wage disparity. Once organisations had submitted this data, the only way for interested parties to obtain it was to access the government website, download the data in a .csv file and produce their own analysis. This was hardly an easy option, and seeing the data misrepresented, the team at Staffmetrix decided that there had to be a more engaging way.

The Paygaps.com team approached Bad Dinosaur to develop an MVP for a public tool which would represent wage gap data in a way that was easier to analyse. They has already developed a diversity analytics platform to provide organisations with better insight into their internal diversity and wage disparities. Seeking to extend their proposition, they approached Bad Dinosaur with a prototype for Paygaps.com.

The paygaps.com team came to us with an existing prototype which was very strong. Still, we felt that the visual presentation of it was more suited for a corporate setting, so in order to make the website easy to digest for a wide variety of people, we added some more approachable elements to the visual image of the product.

Lindsay McDougall, Designer at Bad Dinosaur
Lindsay McDougall, Designer at Bad Dinosaur

Staffmetrix’s aim was to make the data around the wage gap easier to analyse by creating an application that would also allow businesses to assess their performance against their competitors. They also wanted their MVP to capture the attention of individuals such as journalists doing research for articles and job seekers evaluating a potential employer.

Our proposal included design components to simplify the data and present a digestible overview of these statistics through the use of multiple screens and user-friendly graphics. With the MVP Bad Dinosaur developed for Staffmetrix, you can break down wage gap statistics by industry and further by company. There is no need to download anything, making Paygaps.com easy to use for all interested parties.

Bad Dinosaur designed the responsive website behind GenderPayGapUK

We were blown away by the process made by the first co-design meeting - the MVP approach really allows you to concentrate on the final product and not the process. The user interface session with Lindsay was the most helpful part of the co-design process, because it allowed me to imagine the journey for the typical user.

Anthony Horrigan, Director of Paygaps.com
Anthony Horrigan, Director of Paygaps.com

The Paygaps.com website was launched on the 4th of April to coincide with the end of the 2017-2018 financial year. The back-end is hosted on our managed cloud infrastructure, and is completely scalable to cope with the huge influx of publicity that Staffmetrix is expecting in the coming weeks.

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