Phoebus Software

A prototype mortgage application tool for brokers and underwriters

Phoebus Software, a Codebase tenant, approached Bad Dinosaur to rapidly prototype a mortgage application tool that they were looking to build. They needed it within days, not weeks, and didn't have the internal resource to turn it around in that timescale.

We love prototyping - especially the rapid kind - and this was a great example of how we can prototype and innovate for larger companies.

Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur
Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur

We were approached with rough wireframes showing a general use case for the tool they were looking for. Phoebus needed a clickable prototype that could be used to show to potential customers and gauge their interest.

Sometimes a few wireframes and a Powerpoint presentation isn't going to cut it, so they asked us to build something that you could actually interact with and use, almost as if it was the final product, all on the web. Rather than deal with the complexity of integrating with an actual API, we used the web browser for local data storage, and a separate database to store credentials.

In just five days we had a clickable web application along with full user authentication, that remembered and stored everything you did. This meant that when it came to showing the prototype to potential customers, Phoebus could have it all prepped and ready with information that would show the applicaiton off as best as possible.

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