We build beautiful cross-platform mobile apps for startups

We've helped launch over 100 tech startups over the past 10 years. We use scalable, maintainable and cutting edge Microsoft Technologies to build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). From the idea in your head to your first paying customers and beyond... we've got you covered.

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  • 10 years and counting
  • Award-winning digital agency
  • Handcrafted in Edinburgh

Some of our highlights

We've helped launch over 100 tech startups. Here's a few we like to really shout about but there's tons more you can check out too.

Fanbase - Web App

Uniting clubs and their fans through the latest mobile technology. Mobile optimised web app using native QR code scanning.


A dedicated live streaming and community platform for loud and heavy music fans and artists

Featherbed Tales - Web App

Children's digital picture books, with narrated recordings from loved ones who can’t be there at story-time, available as a web app - optimised for mobile and tablet use.

Biscuit Tin

A secure digital vault, supporting families to organise their affairs, finances and memories for when they are no longer around.

Trundl - Mobile App using Xamarin

Uniting outdoor activity with charity fundraising - tracking steps and making it count. Built using Microsoft Xamarin and Blazor technologies with native GPS integration.

Beacon Buddy for an NHS Trust - Mobile App

A companion mobile app on iOS and Android for the NHS Somerset Trust that helps patients navigate their radiotherapy treatment. Built cross-platform in Microsoft .NET MAUI Blazor technologies.

Parkinson's ON

A companion to those with Parkinson's to help spot trends in their symptoms

YouK - Web and Mobile App

Your shop window for everything made in the UK - available over the web and optimised for both mobile and desktop use.
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Keen on integrating your app with something?

We've integrated with some of the biggest names out there and on multiple occasions. It's rare that you'll come across an API or SDK we haven't worked with but we'd like to name a few for you.


We're already integrating our apps into ChatGPT to help automate things and provide more cutting edge technology to your users.


We've integrated using the .NET PayPal SDK to handle a community led marketplace selling used kids clothes and toys.


Stripe is our bread and butter integration with majority of our apps choosing this payment provider. We've done Stripe Checkout, Stripe Connect, you name it, we've done it with Stripe. We're even a Stripe partner!


From simple Shopify checkout integrations to full blown marketplaces allowing individual shops to sell their items, we've handled pretty much every use case with the Shopify SDK's.


Of course we've worked with one of the most popular CRM's in the world, Hubspot. From simple API integrations like creating new contacts to entire workflows integrated into apps, we've done it.


Pipedrive is a lesser known CRM that we use for our own sales pipeline. We've integrated with them using their .NET SDK's to handle our contact form hits on our website.


Algolia is the go-to tool for building highly scalable and lightning fast search functionality into your app. We've integrated with their REST API via their .NET SDK for a number of products.


NHS integrations are not easy, but we've worked with a number of trusts to successfully integrate their apps into a variety of their backend services, taking the necessary precautions with patient data.


Apple App Store In-App Billing to give some of the products we've built a seamless experience when it comes to purchasing in app items or subscriptions.


Atlassian Jira for handling tickets via a customer service desk. There are numerous API's that we've worked with in JIRA.

App development + design on mobile and web

Handcrafted in Edinburgh, Scotland by an inhouse team.

No outsourcing or shenanigans.

10 years and counting.

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Simple pricing

We don't over-complicate things so we have just a single day rate that you pay - whether that's design, development, strategy or fractional CTO services -- it's all the same to us.

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Microsoft technologies

We're not into flavours of the week. We use the latest Microsoft .NET technology to build beautiful, cross-platform and easy to maintain web and mobile apps. Because it's Microsoft.

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No outsourcing

Our team is all inhouse and permanently employed at Bad Dinosaur. We don't outsource unless you need us to for expedited delivery.

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Partnerships focused

We will embed ourselves in your business and are in it for the long term. We're keen on helping you scale until you don't need us anymore.

We are Microsoft evangelists.

Seriously, we nerd out about how cool .NET is.

And it really is cool. We've built and launched 100+ products on it.

Build once, release EVERYWHERE.

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Microsoft .NET 8

Our new projects start on the latest and greatest in Microsoft .NET - leveraging a few decades worth of learnings on a scalable and enterprise grade framework. Ignore the fads.

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Use the power of .NET and C# to build full stack web apps without writing a line of JavaScript - lovely stuff! We use Blazor components on the web and in hybrid native apps for mobile & desktop.

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A cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML. We develop apps that can run on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from a single shared code-base.

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Visual Studio with AI

Our develpment team uses Visual Studio powered by Github Copilot for the latest in AI assisted programming - the worlds most widely adopted AI developer tool. Saving you time and money.

What our clients say about partnering up with us

I want more testimonials please

What makes the team at Bad Dinosaur special is the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our business, their capability to understand our challenges so that every conversation with them feels like an extension of our team and as simple as it sounds how hard working and nice they are to work with.

Iain Martin, Pour

The word I would use to describe my overall experience of working with Bad Dinosaur would be inspiring. We thought we knew what we wanted, but they helped us understand exactly what we needed and how to achieve it.

Susan Scurlock MBE, OneDotAll

Working with Bad Dinosaur is allowing us to properly penetrate the market with confidence, and we are 100% satisfied with the speed and quality of their cost-effective service. I would absolutely recommend Bad Dinosaur to others.

Anthony Horrigan, SPKTRAL

Our core services

Depending on where you're at in your journey, we can help in different ways - with the goal always being to get your product to market.

Mobile & web app development

Our most sought after offering and what we're famous for. Minimum viable product (MVP) methodology, building lean, scalable and cutting edge apps in enterprise-grade Microsoft technologies.

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Clickable prototypes

Attract investors and gain early adopter feedback with a 'smoke and mirrors' prototype of your app, built by experts. Turned around in just 3-4 weeks.

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Planning & strategy

Let's explore your idea. Using our experience of launching 100+ tech startups, we'll pull together a blueprint for you and give you insights into the tech you'll need to achieve it.

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