Our rates

We work on something called 'time and materials'. This means you only pay for time spent on your project rather than being given a fixed price for the work and charged that no matter what happens.


Our day rate

per day

  • Time and materials basis
  • Development work
  • UX / UI / Design work
  • Product strategy
  • Fractional CTO
  • Quality assurance
  • Support & maintenance

Woah, an agency that actually has a price on their website.
How refreshing.

Unlike most other app development agencies, we're open and transparent about how much we charge - and it's the same rate for all of our clients - startup, SME or corporate. Why wouldn't it be? It's also a single day rate to keep things simple for you - only pay for what you use. No maximising profits here.

Why do we choose Time & Materials over Fixed Price?

Big topic but in a nutshell, it goes a long way to ensuring you're getting the best possible product. We've always found it strange that fixed price projects incentivise the agency owner to get the project done as quickly as possible, rather than doing it right. That doesn't mean we don't consider what the quickest route is - we're all about Minimum Viable Product - but it does mean we're not going to cut corners.

How do I know how much a project will cost?

We're not going to leave you in the dark. We'll give you a rough estimate of how long we think it will take to build your product and then we'll keep you updated as we go along - we've built incredible tools to keep you in the loop. Also, take a look at our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us. We're confident you'll be impressed. If you're still unsure then please do give us a call to discuss. We'd be happy to chat through our process and how we mitigate the risk associated with time and materials projects. We've been doing it for ten years so we've got a pretty good handle on it.

I've been working with Bad Dinosaur for just over a year and I can highly recommend their services! My project is a start-up app providing budgeting tools for property buyers and investors. I spent over 12 months developing (what turned out to be) a concept website myself but this endeavour soon stretched my programming and algorithmic skills beyond their limits! I shelved the whole thing for about six months but thankfully decided to pick it up again, this time accepting that I needed specialist support. Enter Bad Dinosaur! I talked with a number of developers before opting for Bad Dinosaur. Knowing that some of the logic and algorithms...

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Bad Dinosaur took the time to understand our mission upfront and translated that into a technical design that could help us test our hypothesis with real customers quickly. At the first co-design meeting, it was great to see the service taking shape at this milestone and it was a good opportunity to reassess the direction and priority of work still to be done with the time we had left. In the co-design process it could be frustrating at times not to be involved with all the discussions that take place when building a product like this, as ordinarily I'd be very close to the team and technical/UX discussions - that way you understand the t...

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The thing that in my mind sets Bad Dinosaur apart from other companies is their use of MVPs and rapid prototyping. Most web agencies, freelancers and small software houses will get a brief and build a full product with a huge number of features and functionality that is not needed. Bad Dinosaur took the time to digest my ideas, thoughts, wireframes and deliver an MVP that added value to the client and my business. I believe Bad Dinosaur are tackling a problem I've experienced on 100's of web-based projects over my 11-year digital career. The team also helped me win my first paying customer by building the prototype and delivering an excell...

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'Fantastic friendly team which we have enjoyed working with. Looking forward to to or next phase'

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Here are some projects to check out

We've helped launch over 100 tech startups. Here's a few we like to really shout about but there's tons more you can check out too.

University of St Andrews

Tutor appointment booking and management system

Beacon Buddy for an NHS Trust - Mobile App

A companion mobile app on iOS and Android for the NHS Somerset Trust that helps patients navigate their radiotherapy treatment. Built cross-platform in Microsoft .NET MAUI Blazor technologies.

Advanced Engagement

Positively influence security culture in your organisation.

Have You Got

The mission of Have You Got is to empower small businesses within the holiday rental industry to support each other within a community.

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